Don’t put off writing anymore


For a long time, I used to put off writing until I was inspired. This is pretty ridiculous considering although I love to write, I’m only ever “inspired” about 5% of the time. When you rely on inspiration alone to tell you when it’s time to start writing, you’re not going to finish your project any time soon.

It takes dedication to finish a novel, or short story, or poem, or any writing project. That means working on it even when you’re not inspired; when you’d rather be watching Netflix, browsing social media, or just anything else. Even If you’re passionate about writing, it’s frightening how easy it can be to just…not do it. This, of course, can be for many reasons.

Writing (and editing said writing) can come naturally some days, but many days it’s a very real struggle. You may be having issues with your plot, or trouble writing a character, or even just questioning your ability as a writer. When it gets tough like this, it’s easy to just put it off and say you’ll deal with it another day. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, trust me. However, it’s tough times like these that separate those who actually get things published from those who have a folder full of half-finished stories that will be perpetually finished “another day.”

There’s a quote by Jim Rohn I’ve seen before, but today it popped up on my radar and struck a chord with me enough for me to write it down and stick it above my desk. I’ll leave you to muse on it:

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse” –Jim Rohn

Please don’t put off your dreams and goals. Work hard every day, even if you can only get a little done at a time, so you can make whatever it is you want to do a reality. Progress is progress. Start making time for your passions now, even when it’s difficult. Especially when it’s difficult.




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