BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Spoilers will be discussed in the second part of the review. If you haven’t read The Cursed Child yet, don’t read beyond that section unless you want to read spoilers for the 8th Harry Potter story (I consider the plot of the play a spoiler because I think it’s best to go into it not knowing too much about it, so I won’t talk about it in the non-spoiler section).

RATING: 5/5 stars

First things first, I loved Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I didn’t go into this book (well, script, but I’m just going to call it a book) expecting much at all. I didn’t have the same high expectations as I did when I was starting a new Harry Potter book in the original 7. Because of that, I think I was a little more open to whatever The Cursed Child was going to throw at me. Therefore, when I was reading the book, I wasn’t constantly comparing it to the other books, I was just simply enjoying a story.

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the book. I think it’s because it doesn’t really read like every other Harry Potter book. It’s kind of like bare bones. It’s in script format and the reader has to do a little more imagining if you want it to feel more like you’re stepping back into the world of Harry Potter, rather than just imagining a play. If that makes any sense.

A lot of people also compared this book to fanfiction. Although I can understand why, I don’t think it’s really a BAD thing. The plot is a little bizarre, sure, but I believe it’s bizarre in a good way. The story took some twists that I really wasn’t expecting and kind of threw me for a loop. Even though some parts of it were predictable, I didn’t mind it because it was still engaging for me. The story had themes that was dipping its toes into dark waters, and I think that’s really what made me invest myself even more into this book.

I do have a couple of complaints though. Some of the side characters felt like they were a little out of character to me. Another thing is I wish we were introduced to some new spells and magicy stuff rather than just have a rehashing of the old magic we are all familiar with.

I felt like I learned more about the original Harry Potter characters and got to know some great new characters. About half of the characters had great arcs, but others fell flat for me. Some had arcs that weren’t just boring continuations of the original books, but rather fresh ones that made sense and were actually interesting. For the characters that did have arcs, it worked great. For others, it just felt like they were unnecessary characters that didn’t serve much of a purpose.

If you’re unsure bout reading The Cursed Child, I urge you to pick it up. Think of it less like an epilogue to the 7 books, but rather like an entirely separate story on its own set in the wizarding world with new characters.


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