My Top 3 All Time Favorite Books or Book Series

I thought as my second post, sharing with you all a little taste of the kinds of books I love is in order! So without further ado, here are my top 3 all time favorite books and why I love them.

By the way, all pictures are photos of my own copies!

3. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold


The Lovely Bones centers around Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old-girl who was violently murdered in 1973. The rest of the book surrounds her watching over her family and friends from Heaven as they struggle to come to terms with her untimely death and put together the pieces of how exactly she was killed and by who. Susie also watches her murderer, a twisted individual who’s hiding in plain sight, as he moves on with his life after killing her.

This book will always have a special place in my heart. It’s one of those books that, as you’re reading it, you know you’ll want to pick up again and again. It’s just mesmerizing. Sebol constructs a beautifully woven story about some of the heaviest topics, including life and death, grief and love. The writing is absolutely breathtaking. Every time I read it, it has me wanting to pull out a highlighter and start marking up the entire book. I also love the time period it’s set in. I’ve actually never read a book set in the ’70s besides this one. It’s a breath of fresh air.


2. The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowlingimg_1007

Of course Harry Potter made this list. I’m sure I don’t really need to explain this because most, if not all of you, should know what this series is about. But I’ll give a little description anyway: A young boy finds out he’s a wizard and that there’s a magical world right under his nose. He attends a magical school where he makes friends, enemies and discovers the most evil wizard in existence is out to kill him.

Like most people my age, this series has helped shape my childhood and sparked my love of reading. I always loved the movies growing up, but when I began reading the books when I was 10 years old, it was honestly like I was opened up to a whole new, magical world. For a while, I even thought Hogwarts was real because I thought there’s no way J.K. Rowling could create such an elaborate world. The night before my 11th birthday, I even stayed up until midnight with my window open, waiting for an owl to fly in with my invitation to attend Hogwarts! I was that kid, yeah.

Harry Potter is a series I can read over and over endlessly without tiring. Each time I open one of the books, I am brought back to that world I discovered when I was 10. These books are so warm and fun and exciting. The characters are all deep and memorable. The plot is perfect. Everything about Harry Potter is amazing. I could go on and on about this series, but I’ll leave it at that.

1. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer


Into The Wild is a nonfiction account of the last months of Christopher McCandless’s life. In 1992, McCandless was a recent college graduate who gave up his money, his possessions and comfortable way of life to take a journey across the United States to Alaska in order to live in the wilderness.He ultimately died a few months after first walking into the Alaskan wild. The book gives a detailed look at who McCandless was and why he might have did what he did.

I can’t say enough how much I love this book. I first read it in my English class junior year of high school…and boy am I glad I didn’t skip out on reading it because it’s now my all time favorite book. I’ve read it countless times.

I’ve taken so many good things away from this book and I’m not ashamed to say it’s one of the things that inspires me to travel, despite McCandless’s story being a tragic one. Krakauer puts this book together beautifully. It’s very easy to get drawn into McCandless’s story and by the end of the book, you won’t want to leave it. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

There is also a companion novel written by McCandless’s sister, Carine McCandless, entitled The Wild Truth: The Untold Story of Sibling Survival which makes you look at Into The Wild in a whole new way. I highly recommend reading it after Into The Wild. 




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